May 11, 2016


Rotating Palletiser



Winner / ER type Rotating Palletizer

The Winner / ER type machine palletises packed products coming out from production line. Its range of products varies from boxes to wrapped packages, cans, cases and bags. Specifically designed for medium-low production, this palletiser is able to offer to the customer a high quality-price standard.

Winner Green type Rotating Palletizer

The new WINNER green is the high performance robot with practically non-existent consumption!
Its range of products varies from boxes to wrapped packages, cans, cases and bags

Winner Scara Green type Rotating Palletizer

The WINNER SCARA green type machine palletises packed products coming out from production line. Designed for medium-high production, it is able to offer high performances especially needed in high speed lines.

Robotic Palletiser



Robotic Palletiser Winner K

Winner K is the natural evolution of the robotic palletisers in the Winner series, with the major difference that production performance substantially doubles. The machine is covered by patent and can work on two opposed lines simultaneously.




Forks Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for bags)

Devices suitable for handling bags. Systems for picking up and depositing bags and for pressing them, diversified according to bag type.


Pliers Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for boxes)

Devices suitable for handling one or more boxes. Customized systems for American boxes or trays with lids.


Combined picking up head A (Picking-up heads for cans and boxes)

Customized devices for handling boxes and plastic-metal cans. Designed for palletising n°2 lines with different packages.


Picking-up Heads for cans

Devices suitable for handling cans and drums. Integrated device for orienting the handle.


Electromagnetic Picking up Head (Picking-up heads for reels)

Electromagnetic devices for handling ferromagnetic wire reels. They can also be used for ferromagnetic cans.


Combined Picking up Head B (for bags, boxes and bundles)

Devices suitable for handling bags / boxes / bundles. Designed for palletizing n°2 lines with different packages.


Suction Picking up Head

Handling devices with vacuum picking-ups of the products. Customized depending on product features. They can be used for depalletising.

Handling Devices



Product handling

According to product typology and plant layout we supply rollers, chains, and belts conveyor for handling and keeping of packages.


Preparation of the product

According to product typology, plant layout and Mosaic palletisation scheme the plants are equipped with deviation, stop and levelling device in order to have a correct preparation of the product before palletising.

Pallet handling

Our transport lines can handle every typology of pallet; according to layout plant we supply every typology of rollers or chains to manage empty and/or full pallets.

Empty pallet store dispenser

Our systems can handle every typology of empty pallet. The empty pallet store/dispenser allows a higher autonomy of the line.

Interlayer handling

A special device placed on product picking up head handles paper and/or plastic interlayers; the managing software allows to choose how many interlayers have to be used for every typology of product and/or pallet.